Be Aware of Ransomware

Ransomware is a form of malware which aims to maliciously restrict access to an infected computer by locking the computer, encrypting data or by posing as an authority demanding payment. What makes Ransomware different than other forms of Malware is that the infector demands a ransom to be paid to the creator in order for the restrictions to be lifted.

While some lock users out of their computers or programs, Ransomware is also known to encrypt files on a system’s hard drive – only when the creator of the malicious virus is paid their demands is access granted back to the victim. Scareware is a tactic used in Ransomware to coax victims into giving into the “ransom” demands, by posting false claims about illegal web activity, or re-activation of programs.

The urge is strong to pay the fee to retrieve your valuable data, but do not panic. “These scams are designed to create shock and anxiety so that victims respond by sending money quickly,” says the Government of Canada, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

A Ransomware virus could make its way into an innocent system through many ways, though the most common is through downloading files thought to be protected.

All the malicious acts of Ransomware and Scareware are all enacted to attempt to extort money from the system’s user, by forcing them to purchase a program to unlock the computer, or decrypt files.

Optimus Tech Solutions performs complete security scans and implements threat management appliances that monitor every component of our client’s networks to prevent this type of action and malicious software from ever gaining access to a secured network. Call us today for a better understanding of the options that we can provide to minimize your exposure to risk and keep your data protected.

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