About Us

Our Philosophy

Optimus was founded with the goal of delivering a full range of IT Products and Services to the highest standard. We approach our business with professionalism, responsive customer service and a partnering approach. We believe that our reliability and commitment to our customers is what sets us apart from competitors in the IT space.

Our Offerings

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT, Productivity and Consulting Support Services focused on streamlining internal processes, generating value and minimizing risk. Our offerings are developed with our customers in mind, thus ensuring we deliver optimal value for money while enabling those we serve to focus on their core business.

Our Target Customer

We focus on partnering and servicing small and medium sized businesses with a keen eye towards providing our customers with those solutions and services that best meet their needs.

Our Pledge

Fast, simple, easy and responsive… this is our pledge to all of our customers. Optimus Tech Solutions was created because we felt there was a gap in the IT provider marketplace. Too many providers didn’t consider the best interests and desires of the businesses they served and, in turn, they ultimately failed to deliver value.