“Backup and Restore, always”

Optimus Tech Solutions had been supporting this client for several years. The current staff of 15 was working in one office based out of Concord. All files were stored and shared on one workstation. Optimus implemented a file server and setup off-site data redundancy and file protection.

Over the years our client has expanded to open a second outlet in Ottawa and a large warehouse facility in Concord as well. Optimus has provided the head office with the best in class multi-site network connectivity and support.

In spring 2011, The Company’s main office was subject to extreme flooding. The servers and networking components were destroyed.


  • Optimus Tech Solutions immediately purchased a new server along with necessary networking components
  • Optimus began downloading all data from a cloud based off-site location and began staging the new server
  • Within 12 hours, Optimus had setup a new server along with connecting the remote offices to the new server and downloaded all data from the night before and had completely restored operations


  • MAJOR DISASTER, MINOR DOWNTIME – Complete network documentation allowed for simple remote office restoration and connectivity
  • OFF-SITE BACKUPS – By backing up all data nightly, Optimus was able to restore the new server with all data intact within hours
  • MINIMAL HARDWARE PROCUREMENT – Exact system specs and requirements made immediate hardware procurement quick and easy without the need to purchase ‘just for now’ hardware
  • CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE – A mass communication was sent out to all customers, highlighting the disaster they had recovered from. Many customers responded with great comfort knowing they could be operational within such a quick time frame
  • PLANNING– The planning and preparation put forth by Optimus Tech Solutions allowed them to be operational within 1 business day of a major disaster. No data, orders, or customers were lost. This was a great success for a very challenging situation