“Recommend and implement a Cloud solution for rapid growth”


Our client looked toward Optimus Tech Solutions to assist them in setting up the technical infrastructure for a recent merger.

The current staff of 8 was working with a simple and typical office setup, one file server, a mix of desktops and laptops, a few network printers and constant nagging IT nuances.

Our client had recently acquired a consulting firm 3 times their size, bringing the total staff count to 32. The current configuration would require the core internal hardware to be increased 2 or 3 times with the need for an off-site data center to ensure uptime for all staff.

As well, they needed to keep all spending to a bare minimum as cash flow was greatly impacted.


• Met with internal and external staff to understand all pain points as well as building a wish list to work towards
• Met with Managing Partners and discussed the future vision of the new organization
• Provided 2 options that would allow for a simple migration path for the two organizations and discussed pros and cons of both leadership teams
• Setup Cloud Computing Solution for all Email, Customer Relationship Management, Blackberry’s and file sharing
• Upgraded basic key networking components with zero downtime
• Setup a redundant internet connection to ensure office uptime and availability


• COST SAVINGS – Elimination of overall infrastructure spend, licensing and data replication has provided great cost-savings.
• VOIP – The implementation of VOIP and removal of the hard phone system allowed for great flexibility and a great reduction in overall Telephone expenses.
• MINIMAL HARDWARE PROCUREMENT – They did not need to purchase any additional data servers. A laptop for each employee is all that was required. As well, it was financed over 36 months for minimal impact.
• INCREASED STAFF EFFICIENCY – Participation of staff in our original surveys allowed Optimus Tech Solutions to implement Blackberry shared calendars as well as more efficient ways of dealing with day-to-day nagging computer issues.
• POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT– The involvement of the leadership team in our original surveys allowed Optimus to plan for a remote work force, effective ways of telecommuting and video conferencing.