“IT project where Optimus planned and executed relocation of IT infrastructure to allow for sustained growth”


Optimus Tech Solutions was engaged in an IT project to provide two distinct solutions to the organization – 1) Support with a move to a new location, and 2) Strategic IT support.

Our client was a few months away from moving to a new facility and they lacked the confidence in their internal IT staff to coordinate the move and ensure the new building was being designed correctly.

Included in this effort would be working with the facilities project managers to ensure the building would be able to handle the demanding technical requirements. A plan was never created to properly transfer the move of all computer equipment (servers, printers and all workstations) or ask individual departments of all IT requirements.

Along with correcting the existing issues and getting them into the new building, they were looking for a provider that would be able to provide high level CIO type feedback and manage the department. They were looking for knowledgeable recommendations as well as building and adhering to a future IT plan.


• Developed detailed step by step migration plan for IT project to transfer all equipment from old facility to new location.
• Coordinated with 3rd party ISP providers to provide required internet service to new building.
• Moved all equipment within expected timeline.
• Built out a future purchasing plan to phase out aging infrastructure.
• Ran weekly touch points with internal IT staff to manage projects and internal initiatives.
• Reported all current projects, issues, and results to CEO and CFO in a weekly briefing


• SUCCESSFUL MOVE – The pain of changing facilities was never an issue as the entire project executed as planned.
• INCREASED STAFF ACCOUNTABLITY – Internal IT staff are now accountable and the Executive Team now has a clear understanding of all IT projects and initiatives in the short, medium, and long term.
• INCREASED STAFF EFFCIENCY – Participation of the different departments in Optimus’ initial visit allowed us to implement Blackberrys, shared calendars, and allow for more efficient ways of dealing with day-to-day nagging computer issues.