“Managed Services”

Before Optimus, an organization in the healthcare industry was using another IT provider and often found themselves waiting for support. In fact, they would often resort to taking their PCs into a local repair depot or just purchasing new ones in order to keep themselves operational. Since there was no IT staff to monitor their network, the main focus was not on usual business operations, and overall efficiency was often compromised. Once they realized the toll this was taking on their budget and overall operations, they decided to contact Optimus Tech Solutions.


  • Performed a network assessment of the client’s IT infrastructure
  • Recommended an IT Life-Cycle Management approach
  • Recommended a managed services approach to network management
  • Scheduled routine preventative maintenance
  • Implemented remote monitoring and a back-up solution


  • MINIMIZE DOWNTIME – Guaranteed response time with minimal disruption to daily operations
  • CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE – Improved network health and a happy client
  • COST SAVINGS – Fixed IT support cost helped the client with their budgeting and an improved return on investment
  • MINIMAL HARDWARE PROCUREMENT – No need to keep purchasing new equipment every time their hardware failed
  • OPTIMIZED IT INFRASTRUCTURE – Provided client with a road-map to improving the overall network