“I came to know Optimus Tech Solutions as a BV Business Partner. Partnering with a business with strong IT skills, knowledge of BV and responsiveness on a timely basis was extremely important. A skill set which Optimus Tech Solutions has. The experience of my clients and myself has been very positive. Optimus provides professional, qualified assistance on a timely basis.“ – Catherine, Professional Services

“We are a company based in Toronto that, for the past many years, have utilized Optimus Tech Solutions as our IT support partner (for IT support, product sourcing and custom software requirements). Their professionalism, responsiveness, expertise and knowledge allows us to be fully confident that when an IT need arises, our needs are fully met in a timely and cost effective manner. Many thanks to one and all!” – Alex. Distribution/Import and Export

“We researched several IT providers with references. Optimus Tech Solutions was definitely the number one choice based on the rave reviews received by their   customers. Optimus Tech Solutions came into the firm and provided assistance with hardware and software solutions, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service.” – Maggie, Legal

“I have known Peter for several years and it was the combined expertise and knowledge that he possesses that first brought me Optimus. Having seen his   dedication and professionalism to a project, I knew working with Optimus would be positive for our company. I trust the team that he brings to our company and expect nothing but the best in terms of service, support and solution.Optimus has continued to provide the highest standard of service and support with their product knowledge and that of their extensive partner network. Over the last 2 years, Optimus has helped our company operate more efficiently and continues to provide me with options for improving operations while reducing IT costs. All of our IT decisions involve   discussions with Peter Daher and his team at Optimus.” - Gus, Manufacturing

“As a result of a major downsizing in our company, we lost our in-house IT staff. Since our systems and technology were very old and had been patched together, we were in need of an IT service provider who could be called upon to troubleshoot when our email, website and various custom-designed systems crashed. Optimus was recommended by the outgoing IT manager as a company who could provide the service we needed at a reasonable cost. We began using Optimus on a service contract, with excellent results. When it came time to upgrade our technology, we shopped around and spoke to several IT companies. The major stakeholders decided to go with Optimus based on price and a proven history of reliability and excellent service.Optimus worked with us to upgrade our server, computers, and email system, looking for ways to save us money along the way. They also had to convert several key legacy programs to a new platform without interrupting our busy work schedule.  When it was time to do the conversion to the new system, Optimus had a team of 4 consultants, including the company owners, on hand to work one-on-one with our staff. Over the next few days they were on site whenever we needed them, which minimized work disruption and provided a high level of comfort to our staff. All in all, it was a very successful transition, thanks to Optimus’ excellent customer service and expertise. We will continue to use Optimus Tech as our service provider, and are hoping to work with them as consultants to address our software needs.” – Ellen, Not-for-Profit

“I was introduced to Optimus Tech Solutions by a contact in the IT world. They were promoted to me as having expertise in the accounting software that our company uses. They were also promoted to me as having expertise in hardware and networks for companies of our size in the business world. That is, mid-size privately owned and operated companies.After working with Optimus for only a short time I realized my contact was quite right. Optimus displayed three qualities which I believe are paramount in any consulting firm. The first is a keen interest in our business and the desire and ability to take the time to understand it. The second is the belief that business needs must drive technology, not the other way around and thus they took the time to determine how technology can support our business, not just in our current state, but, in our desired future state. The third quality is that they are current with what was happening in the technology world as it might apply to our needs and more important, up to date with what new advancements were coming or likely to come to pass that might impact on our needs. Optimus has shown these qualities repeatedly in the now more than 5 years I have dealt with them. Add to these the fact that they are very responsive and timely when we have more immediate needs and the simple fact that they have the technical knowledge to meet these needs and fix/upgrade our systems when needed, and you have what I believe to be a first rate Information technology consultant, one that acts like a partner in our business.” – Bill, Construction Services