Frequently Asked Questions

Does Optimus Tech Solutions work with Not-for-profit organizations?
We have several not-for-profit clients and we have saved all our not-for-profit clients thousands of dollars by taking advantages of vendor and manufacture special pricing.
How can you help me if we are considered an Educational facility?
We support several K-12 Private Schools and ensure they receive the proper IT Support and IT Security that is required when dealing with Educational systems. Smartboards and computer labs are great ways to get kids engaged in technology and we have the experts to get it all done.
Why should I buy product from Optimus Tech Solutions?
We have hardware purchasing agreements with Dell, IBM, HP, Lenovo and many other providers, thus ensuring you receive the greatest value for the products you purchase. Also we make sure we buy you the right product that will work for you and your business.
My current IT Provider sends in a different technician every time. This always causes an issue with Staff and just wastes time with every visit.
At Optimus we pride ourselves in the relationships that our technicians build with your staff. We always assign at least 2 technicians to each client, which ensures we have an intimate knowledge of your network even if someone decides to take a vacation!
I hate leaving a voicemail, I feel like it will never get heard.
At Optimus we have an inbound triage line, typically the call is always answered on the first call, otherwise a voicemail will be returned within the hour. Our response times are outlined within our detailed SLAs.
I can't stand the loose timelines or No-Shows
We understand your business comes first. Your time is valuable and IT is not your top priority, we schedule our visits and maintenance around your timetables and ensure we do not disrupt ongoing business operations. All scheduling is performed by our inbound triage and we keep a close pulse to the intra-day actions. If we feel a timeline might be missed or compromised we will provide sufficient notice.
Can I just call you when stuff breaks?
Yes you can. We don’t expect a commitment without seeing how great our work is. Once we have proven ourselves we prefer to move into service agreements as we pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships. We do not view ourselves as your IT vendor; instead we act in your best interests as only a true partner can.
Our internet is always an issue, what can you do about that?
We have several clients where traditional DSL or Cable is not available. Our vendor partnerships allow us to have several options to ensure you get the internet service that is right for your business.
If we want to proceed, what are the next steps?
The first step is always a visit from an Account Manager. This will ensure that we are a good fit for each other and kick off our partnership. The Account Manager will then discuss the network assessment that will give us a complete understanding of the current technical IT situation at your organization and allow us to plan and work together to build a long term IT strategy.
What differentiates Optimus Tech Solutions from the competition?
At Optimus, we believe in Customer Satisfaction and working with our Customers to enhance their experience and their business results. We understand the importance of uptime for maximum system reliability and for business productivity. We have an excellent client retention rate due to our quality service level guarantee. As well our long-term and proactive approach towards your IT infrastructure saves you aggravation and money.
How do you monitor our network health?
Our 24 x 7 monitoring service provides us with the information and data to manage and service your IT environment. We have a complete view of your entire IT environment and are able to quickly identify and address issues across your network.
How do you manage updates and service packs?
We schedule all of our software updates according to your schedule. We ensure the annoying Java, Adobe and Windows updates are installed after-hours so that users are not impacted.
What does our support contract cover?
Optimums Tech Solutions support contracts are designed and tailored to meet you business’ specific requirements. Our comprehensive support packages include remote monitoring, threat management, comprehensive network security, cloud backups, unlimited user support, unlimited server support and several other options.
Can you help us save money?
Managed services can help an organization save money by reducing the Total Cost of Ownership. Managed services can also better align IT to support your organizations business objectives and needs. At Optimus, we offer comprehensive support packages which can help an organization overcome the rising costs of IT management.
What is a network assessment? And how can it benefit me?
A network assessment is a complete analysis of your organizations current network infrastructure. Our assessment tool uncovers weaknesses in your existing network so that you can improve productivity, protect your resources, and focus more on your business. The Optimus Network Assessment is structured to provide an in-depth diagnosis of your networks critical risk areas, such as IT systems and processes, which can greatly affect the well-being of your company. We’ll provide detailed recommendations and an IT Roadmap aimed at ensuring a healthy IT Infrastructure
Do you offer disaster recovery solutions?
Optimus Tech Solutions offers comprehensive backup/disaster recovery services and solutions. This enables the rapid restore of all business systems in the event of a crisis, mitigating all risk of downtime and information loss. The benefits of having a disaster recovery plan in place includes enhanced system reliability, low-cost protection for your critical data, plus it eliminates the worry of losing all your vital business information.
Do you offer project management?
Optimus Tech Solutions can support any of your organizations’ technical project needs, whether you require leadership for the project or strategic planning and analysis. We do this by aligning your business objectives with our knowledge to provide a high-level solution that includes a project plan and implementation process to ensure you get the highest return on your investment.
How does Cloud Backup address security?
Your data is housed in a secure IT environment with a managed firewall and advanced network security protection.
How quickly can I access my data in a case of emergency?
This will depend on the data backup plan that you choose. We will recommend different options with different features and of course different price points. We will explain the pros and cons of each then implement the solution best fit for your business.
Can you help us with IT procurement?
Optimus is more than just a managed service provider. We can also assist you in procuring IT equipment for your organization. We have hardware purchasing agreements with all of the major manufacturers including Lenovo, HP, IBM and Dell among others. This ensures that you get the maximum value for the products you purchase. And, by purchasing from Optimus Tech Solutions, you know that you’re getting the right product for your business environment.