Network Assessment

Our comprehensive and investigative process uncovers weaknesses in your existing network infrastructure so that you can improve productivity, protect your resources, and focus more on your business.

The Optimus Tech Solutions Network Assessment is structured to provide an in-depth diagnosis of your network’s critical risk areas, such as IT systems and processes, which can greatly affect the well-being of your company. We’ll provide detailed recommendations, as well as an IT Roadmap aimed at ensuring a healthy IT Infrastructure.

The first step to improving your IT Infrastructure is to analyze your systems and document in detail to see which components need to be repaired, upgraded or replaced. Through our Network Assessment service, Optimus technicians will analyze each system in your IT infrastructure and suggest an approach to improving and maintaining your overall IT situation.

Once the assessment is complete, we will walk you through your available options and help you design a proven implementation plan.

The Technology Network Assessment will provide:

  • An understanding of your overall technology infrastructure
  • 3-5 year technology roadmap aimed at ensuring a robust IT infrastructure
  • A recommendation on the appropriate monthly managed service program for your business
  • Critical areas of risk with your existing IT network
  • Complete report documenting all of our recommendations and findings

Why get a Technology Network Assessment?

  • An accurate picture of the state of your IT infrastructure
  • Documented asset tracking inventory for accounting purposes
  • Understand your projected costs for software licensing

To order a Network Assessment today, please contact your account manager.